A nupdate.

Apologies for the lack of updates, I’ve been on tour with my band – http://www.myspace.com/darts – and just trying to catch up with everything! Anyroad. The Such Great Heights single is out and is selling very well, if you want one – I’d advise that you order one very quickly as it’s a limited edition release and it doesn’t look like it’ll be around for much longer. They’ve been getting some lovely reviews, some of which can be read – https://payforthepiano.wordpress.com/records/pftpr002/ – there.

The debut album by Meadowlands ‘Oak Clusters’ is back from the manufacturers and as a result, even though it’s not officially out until Monday 20th October, if you order the CD from http://www.payforthepiano.bigcartel.com/ I’ll post it out to you straight away! Imagine that. £4.50 including P & P, 10 songs. Bargain. Get it on the go!



PS – Where has “Commit This To Memory” by Motion City Soundtrack been all of my life!? The first three songs are unbelievable and the rest of it is pretty darn tootin’.

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