Ohhhh Bobby Bobby.

On Friday evening I popped into BBC Tees to join Bob Fischer on the radio for a couple of hours. We discussed many important issues such as pasties, Right Said Fred and Franz Kafka’s girlfriend. You can listen back online (if you really must):


In addition to the aforementioned hot topics, we also played some very strong songs from the likes of Frankie & The Heartstrings, Brother, The Black Atlantic, Collectors Club, The Grete Bloch and William K.J. Anderson.

If you only listen to one song today, you should probably make it Catherine by William K.J. Anderson:

Catherine by WilliamKJAnderson

And you should probably come to this gig on Saturday:

Black Atlantic at Uncle Alberts

Ta ra.


When I said I was going to do a few more releases after the Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire single, I don’t think I’d quite envisaged doing another four before the end of the year – but you know, some things just need to be done. Releasing the debut MEADOWLANDS album is certainly something that needs to be done and I am beyond pleased to be able to do just that.

If you’re not familiar with Meadowlands, it’s the solo project from Dartz bassist William Anderson. Will has recorded ten tracks recently with, who else, but Simon “bigWOW!” Whelan (of Gullich fame) and these recordings will make up the debut Meadowlands album. With influences such as Geoff Farina, Skip James, Joan Of Arc, American Analog Set, John Lee Hooker, Sunny Day Real Estate, Karate, The Sea and Cake, Metronomes and Glorytellers, Meadowlands is certainly a far more laid back affair than the visceral post-punk created by Dartz. Release is tentatively scheduled for Monday 20th October… fingers crossed.

In other news, I wrote a little piece for the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette a few weeks ago – they edited it and made me sound like a bit of a wally in places, but the general jist is still in tact so it’s probably worth a read and who’d have thought it, but you can read it online:


Don’t forget that the debut single from Such Great Heights is out in a couple of weeks… there should be plenty of lovely bits of press to tell y’all about in the run up to its release, so keep checking back nice and regularly.