Blue Monday

Apparently today is Blue Monday;┬áthe most depressing day of the year. The weather is certainly doing its best to assist with that, but music isn’t! What a treat today has been for my ears.

This Town Needs Guns -

First up, the brand new This Town Needs Guns album has been released and blimey, what a cracker. I had the misfortunate of reading a review which gave it 5/10 and provided inaccurate reference points such as Foals and Two Door Cinema Club. Let me tell you this – it’s a strong 9/10 and if you’re in need of some reference points, may I suggest Pinback, Braid and of course, any Kinsella project such as Owls, American Football, Make Believe et al.

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Coal Train

Based up the road from me in Sunderland in North East England, Coal Train are comprised of three quarters of the much missed post-punk band This Aint Vegas and their new single ‘Carry You On My Shoulders’ (Run Of The Mill) is actually a re-working of an old TAV song.

Influenced by bands like Red House Painters, The Band and Wilco, I guess you could say it’s kind of like if The Hold Steady had grown up on a diet of Dischord Records rather than Springsteen!? Maybe you shouldn’t say that, though.

Check out the rather lovely video:

And be sure to check out the demo of Wish List on Soundcloud, got a lot of time for this song me: