30 Day Song Challenge Day 26 – A song that I can play on an instrument…

Yeah, excuse the self indulgence (again!) I’m not too great at playing stuff other people have written… that said, I’m not even particularly good at playing stuff I’ve written myself!

Nostalgia’s not what it used to be…

On Friday night, one of my favourite guitarists from one of my favourite bands paid my my old band and specifically my guitar playing quite a hefty compliment. It was fairly unexpected and well, it’s led to me embarking on a rare nostalgia trip on the good ship Youtube.

I don’t normally “do” nostalgia; I prefer to concentrate on the positive stuff that’s happening in the here and now but that said, it’s nice to remind yourself of good times from “back in the day” every once in a while!

So yeah. Here’s a few videos by DARTZ! The first three were directed by Marcus T. Diamond and the fourth one by Rob Taylor: