Eliza and the Review

There was a nice review of the Eliza and the Bear gig I put on in last Friday’s Evening Gazette. If you missed it, you can read it online courtesy of the LoveMiddlesbrough blog:


Cheers to Rob and Tracy for coming down! Was a good gig, like. All three bands were spot on.


The Fly

So yeah, that Field Music gig I put on the other week was amazing. They really are the best band around right now. Fact! Make sure you pick up their new album when it’s released in February – I’ve had the privilege of getting a sneak preview and blimey, it’s absolutely next level.

Anyroad, there’s a nice review of the gig in this month’s issue of The Fly and to be honest, I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Gullich reviews…

Reviews are starting to pop up for the Gullich mini-album. There’s a lovely 4/5 review in the latest issue of Big Cheese magazine:


In addition to that, there’s a beautiful 5/5 review over on Subba Cultcha – http://www.subba-cultcha.com/article_album.php?id=9964 and there’s also a nice 4/5 review over on Manchester Music – http://www.music-dash.co.uk/releases/release.asp?item=6298 

There’s a not quite so nice, but still alright, 9/13 review on Room Thirteen – http://www.roomthirteen.com/cgi-bin/cd_view.cgi?CDID=10078 and a similarly alright 3/5 review on Rock Midgets – http://www.rockmidgets.com/releases.php?artist_id=2906&id=3630

Last, but by no means least, there’s a typically effervescent review over on Organ: http://www.organart.demon.co.uk/

Look out for a review in the next issue of Rock Sound magazine too… fingers crossed it’ll be a goodun!

I’ll keep y’all informed as more reviews appear.