Mona Lisa – with a hat.

Last night I visited the Waiting Room in Eaglescliffe for a splendid performance from the rather brilliant Josie Long. If you’re not familiar with the Waiting Room, not only does it share its name with a Fugazi song but it also serves up the nicest veggie food that you’re likely to find in the North East of England – not to mention hosting my favourite Sunday night music/comedy/whatever events under the Matchbox Cabaret banner.

Josie was supported by the debut live performance from the Peg Powler Gallery and I was bullied into being a panelist for their Bad Art workshop. Essentially what that entailed was showcasing my horrendous drawing skills (or lack of!) to a room full of people. Thankfully with it being a Bad Art workshop, my drawings very much fit the bill – just check out my Mona Lisa (With A Hat) if you don’t believe me:

Mona Lisa (With A Hat)

At this point, I should add that I had only 30 seconds to create my masterpiece – I think I did pretty well; you try drawing the Mona Lisa (with a hat) in 30 seconds!

Leonardo Da Vinci ain’t got sh*t on me…