Teas me, teas me, teas me, baby.

The last tea shop gig was brilliant, wasn’t it!? Brown Hound James was on great form – can’t wait for his debut album. The Dugong covers were a particular treat.

Next tea shop gig promises to be equally brilliant. Tickets on sale now. Thanks to Lyndsay, as always, for the lovely poster:

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Dry The River

Dry The River are a rather splendid band from down in that London. Although they seem to get compared to the likes of Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, which is fair enough, they actually look like the kind of chaps who you’d perhaps expect to play ROCK music. So, it’s perhaps no surprise really that they’re apparently fans of such luminaries as At The Drive In and Refused. Strong choices.

But yeah. They play perfectly crafted heartfelt “nu-folk” (for want of a better phrase) and you certainly owe it to your ears to place the sound of Dry The River inside them:

For those of you lucky enough to live in/near Middlesbrough, I’m putting DTR on at the Westgarth Social Club on Thursday 28th April. Tickets are available now from http://www.westgarths.com and Lyndsay McBean has made this rather splendid poster:

Dry The River