We Are Open

Remember when I organised that gig poster exhibition in a pop-up-shop? It was good that, wasn’t it. Well, I talked a bit about Pop-Up Shops and the We Are Open scheme in The Guardian the other day – imagine that. Carli from The Olde Young Tea House was also featured; up the Boro.

Dodgy scan here:

The Guardian

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15 Seconds Of Fame

When I was in Amsterdam t’other week, we visited the Stedelijk Museum and saw John Baldessari’s ‘Your Name In Lights’ exhibition. Obviously, we signed up for it and earlier today – we got our 15 seconds of fame. I wish I could’ve been in Amsterdam to see it, but alas, the webcam option had to suffice:

“The Holland Festival and the Stedelijk Museum jointly present the interactive artwork Your Name in Lights by John Baldessari, one of America’s best-known Conceptual artists. This extraordinary artwork will be installed on Museumplein from June 1 to 26, 2011. Your Name in Lights draws on our society’s obsession with celebrity and recalls Andy Warhol’s oft-quoted statement from 1968, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Inspired by historic markers of show-biz celebrity, such as the neon lights on Broadway and the marquees of Hollywood cinemas, Baldessari offers spectators a chance to seize 15 seconds of fame by presenting their names on a 30-metre L.E.D. screen. Your Name in Lights premiered as the 23rd Kaldor Public Art Project, in collaboration with the 2011 Sydney Festival; its appearance in Amsterdam is the second and only other planned presentation of the work.” http://www.yournameinlights.nl/