Blue Monday

Apparently today is Blue Monday; the most depressing day of the year. The weather is certainly doing its best to assist with that, but music isn’t! What a treat today has been for my ears.

This Town Needs Guns -

First up, the brand new This Town Needs Guns album has been released and blimey, what a cracker. I had the misfortunate of reading a review which gave it 5/10 and provided inaccurate reference points such as Foals and Two Door Cinema Club. Let me tell you this – it’s a strong 9/10 and if you’re in need of some reference points, may I suggest Pinback, Braid and of course, any Kinsella project such as Owls, American Football, Make Believe et al.

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Free Nathaniel Green mini-album!

Exactly a year after their last ever gig, Pay For The Piano Recordings is very proud to be able to give away the final recordings by Nathaniel Green, in the form of a mini album called “The Night’s Been Young.”

Click here to download the mini-album for free. Absolutely nothing.

We may be giving it away for free, but to be honest, it’s priceless! Arguably the best songs the band ever recorded and arguably the best Pay For The Piano release to date.

Feel free to share the link with your friends, post it up on any forums you write on etc etc… just generally spread the word and get the record heard.

For more info on the life and times of Nathaniel Green, head over to