Yesterday, Pay For The Piano FC went down to Wembley for this year’s Big Scary Monsters five-a-side tournament. Our star man Jamie Wilkinson from Gullich missed out through injury, whilst Will & John from Algiers missed out through Doc/Fest commitments in Sheffield.

Our make weight team played five games. And lost five games. At one point, we’d had more nose bleeds than goals! We’ll make up for it next year…

Pay For The Piano FC



About a year or so ago, Kev of Big Scary Monsters fame sent me a text about a new company doing bespoke CD packaging for bands that a friend of his was setting up. They’d been trying for days to think up of a good name for it, but they were struggling… a few moments later, I replied with a text simply reading:


Say it out loud – works better than when you read it! It’s genius though, no? Sure it is. It’s a pun you see, it works on two levels. AC/DSleeve. Do you see what I did there!?

I’ll tell you somebody who does see what I did there: Dave Gorman! He’s undoubtedly one of my favourite comedians, so it’s a great honour to have AC/DSleeve included in his Pun Street Yellow Pages:


Apparently in his latest podcast, he gets very excited about it. I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m anticipating a very enjoyable listen!

I’m definitely having this is a claim to fame. So don’t even try to stop me.

If you ever need a pun on demand, now you know who to ask…

AC/DSleeve is more than just a genius name, by the way. Check out their site for details of some of the amazing packaging they’ve created: http://www.acdsleeve.com/

H’away the lads.

For the second year running, I had the privilege of representing the Big Scary Monsters team in the annual BSM Five-A-Side competition in London.

BSM vs Rock Sound










We did much better than last year, beating Rock Sound 5-0, Talons 3-1 and Tall Ships 4-2 in the group stages and XL Recordings 5-3 in the second round, before being narrowly beaten 2-1 by Punktastic.com in the quarter finals.

I scored a few vital (obviously!) goals including our 5th goal in the second round against XL when it looked like they might pull us back to four all – nobody seemed to find it funny when I called myself Adele Adebola. Get it? Nah, neither did anybody else.

The overall winners were The Old Blue Last who kindly invited everybody back to team HQ for free drinks, which was very nice of them. Deserved winners.

Hopefully team BSM can do even better next year! And hopefully my legs will have stopped aching by then, too.