Tea? Totally.

The first live music event of the year at The Olde Young Tea House in Middlesbrough is on Sunday 27th January and comes in the shape of a FREE GIG from Dressed Like Wolves and The Broken Broadcast. We’re too good to you!

2012 saw The Olde Young Tea House play host to some incredible live music from the likes of Cattle & Cane, The Lake Poets, To Kill A King, Africa Express, Evelyn Burke, Chris T-T, The Daydream Club, By Toutatis, Franz Nicolay, Bob Fischer and many more. To kick off 2013, we thought we’d put on a free gig from two of our favourite Tea-Side acts:

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Gaz Coombes

Like pretty much anybody else who grew up in the 90s, I was a big Supergrass fan – which means I’m very pleased to announce this new gig:


Teas me, teas me, teas me, baby.

The last tea shop gig was brilliant, wasn’t it!? Brown Hound James was on great form – can’t wait for his debut album. The Dugong covers were a particular treat.

Next tea shop gig promises to be equally brilliant. Tickets on sale now. Thanks to Lyndsay, as always, for the lovely poster:

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We Are Open

Remember when I organised that gig poster exhibition in a pop-up-shop? It was good that, wasn’t it. Well, I talked a bit about Pop-Up Shops and the We Are Open scheme in The Guardian the other day – imagine that. Carli from The Olde Young Tea House was also featured; up the Boro.

Dodgy scan here:

The Guardian

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