Stockton Calling

I’m very pleased to be “curating” one of the stages at this year’s Stockton Calling Festival! Head over to for all the info and tickets, but read on to see my line up:

Stockton Calling – Saturday 19th April 2014
The H.M. Bark Endeavour Stage
Pay For The Piano

8:45pm Collectors Club

Fresh from dates with Jake Bugg and Little Comets, as seen at T In The Park and as heard on Made In Chelsea! “Your new favourite band” so say our friends over at NARC and who are we to disagree!? Bouncy, sun-drenched indie-pop at its finest.

7:45pm Weird Shapes

Intricately crafted prog/pop-dreamscapes are second nature to Teesside’s most unique ensemble, whose debut single was produced by Radiohead co-conspirator and ‘There Will Be Blood’ producer Graeme Stewart. Credentials.

6:45pm The Approved

The latest project from High Plane Drifters’ (as heard on Breaking Bad and CSI Miami) guitarist Timothy Oxnard, bringing you even more furious blues laced with impossible psyched out guitar over the top.

5:45pm Algiers

Sheffield duo influenced by the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Minus The Bear and The Walkmen. Featuring ex-members of DARTZ! and The Maple State, their debut album is out now on Xtra Mile Recordings (Frank Turner, Against Me, Future Of the Left etc.)

4:45pm John & The Ragmen

After several incarnations, John and his Ragmen have struck gold with their latest line up. The boys offer up a healthy dose of sugarcoated indie, piled high with funky riffs and insanely catchy melodies.

3:45pm Suntrapp

Sweet, harmonious and intelligent acoustic-pop from Newcastle. Fans of Fleet Foxes, Nick Drake and The Beach Boys will be in for a treat.

2:45pm Dressed Like Wolves

Self-deprecating and whimsical lo-fi folk pop trio who sound like Bright Eyes, if he’d been born and bred on a farm in Thornaby.

1:45pm Taylor Mayd

A unique female duo who combine bitter sweet vocals with acoustic guitar and loop pedal for a honey soaked sound.

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