About a year or so ago, Kev of Big Scary Monsters fame sent me a text about a new company doing bespoke CD packaging for bands that a friend of his was setting up. They’d been trying for days to think up of a good name for it, but they were struggling… a few moments later, I replied with a text simply reading:


Say it out loud – works better than when you read it! It’s genius though, no? Sure it is. It’s a pun you see, it works on two levels. AC/DSleeve. Do you see what I did there!?

I’ll tell you somebody who does see what I did there: Dave Gorman! He’s undoubtedly one of my favourite comedians, so it’s a great honour to have AC/DSleeve included in his Pun Street Yellow Pages:


Apparently in his latest podcast, he gets very excited about it. I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m anticipating a very enjoyable listen!

I’m definitely having this is a claim to fame. So don’t even try to stop me.

If you ever need a pun on demand, now you know who to ask…

AC/DSleeve is more than just a genius name, by the way. Check out their site for details of some of the amazing packaging they’ve created: http://www.acdsleeve.com/


What do you think?

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