Algiers – featuring William from DARTZ! and John from The Maple State – have “done a new music”, give it a watch:

I’m fortunate enough to be in possession of some new recordings which they recently created and I’ll be honest, I haven’t really listened to much else since I got sent them! I always do really inaccurate and cringe worthy comparisons when describing new music… and I’m not about to stop now:

Imagine early Death Cab For Cutie mixed with The Weakerthans, but maintaining their previous band’s occasional pop-punk tendencies. Standout tracks for me are without doubt “Subtle Feedback” (which features a blast of truly heart-wrenching Minus The Bear-esque tapping) and well, actually, I was about to list pretty much every track they’ve recorded which is testament to the quality of the song writing on show for such a new band. There’s a few tracks kicking about on Soundcloud, including this one:

Come see them live on Sunday at this:

Tellison at The Crown in Boro

What do you think?

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