So this is the New Year.

I’ll be honest with y’all… I’m ashamed that this is my first Pay For The Piano update of 2009. I won’t bore you with excuses, but from now on, updates are going to be regular and they’re going to be inciteful!

One important note – the old Pay For The Piano email address no longer works (not my fault… long story!) so please use henryjamescarden (at) if you want to get in touch. Ta.

Anyroad. Exciting times here at Pay For The Piano HQ – the Gullich mini-album is back from the pressing plant and it’s without doubt the best looking PFTP release to date. Nico did a sweet job with the artwork.

Head over to our Big Cartel store and you can buy it for just £5 including postage and packing:

Alternatively, you can buy it from iTunes (but that’d be a bit silly ’cause it costs more than the actual CD and doesn’t come with the lovely packaging!)

The riff-tastic LIFELESS mini-album is also available from iTunes now: and if you visit the chaps at gigs or on myspace – – you can buy a real life physical version of it, which is well worth it for Matt The Pizza Shark’s rather splendid artwork!

Right. Proper update soon. Promise. Nathaniel Green download coming dead soon. Go buy the Gullich CD. And Lifeless.


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