November News.

November 2008

It’s a while since I did any sort of mailout, so I thought now would be a good opportunity! Did any of you see the England match on Wednesday by the way? Downing man of the match, yeah? Tuncay got a hat-trick for Turkey ‘n’ all, so I’m hoping both of them can recipricate that kind of form for Boro against Bolton tomorrow. COB.

Anyroad. To business…

1. Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire
2. Such Great Heights
3. Meadowlands
4. Lifeless
5. Gullich


1. Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire recently returned from a triumphant tour of Poland! They had a great time, so why not welcome them back at their next UK gig!? They’re playing at Carling Academy (2) in Newcastle on Saturday 20th December with Dartz and Ankles. Tickets £5 in advance: There’s still a few copies of their Lamacq-endorsed debut single “A Fire Born In Dallas” available – head over to to purchase one. It includes a remix by Zane Lowe favourite Razmataz Lorry Excitement which automatically makes it ten cool, yeah!?

2. Such Great Heights have been having a quiet few months whilst the majority of them get settled in at University, but they’ll be picking up the pace again next year – starting with a gig supporting Anti-Flag at The Empire in Middlesbrough on Tuesday 3rd March. You can still purchase their 8/10 Rock Sound rated debut single “Would I Still Have Friends If I Believed I Was A Wizard?” from – there’s not many left (and I’m not just saying that!) so if you want one, act fast. Ideal Christmas gift!

3. Meadowlands album has been picking up the plaudits from critics but more importantly from the fans! A couple of recent myspace comments brought a smile to this face of mine:

“totally love your cd mate. the ultimate hangover over album.
it has got me thru some rough sundays x”

“Me and my mam proper like your album. It came yesterday, and RealPlayer already knew what all the songs were called.
It’d proper suit the soundtrack one of those emotional/contemplative moments in Scrubs.”

You can’t argue with that can you? Get it bought. £4.50 (including postage and packing) from   William is always up for gigs too, so if you fancy putting him on, get in touch.

4. Lifeless mini-album is scheduled for release on Monday 19th January and believe me, it’s gonna blow your balls off! In the nicest way possible. The artwork is amazing too! Just you wait. They’ve been gigging regularly and recently played in Zavvi in Manchester with SSS. Surreal. They’ve got a few gigs coming up and are also booking a tour for January, check ’em out:

5. Gullich have, at long last, recorded their debut mini-album! Well, most of it. Just the vocals to do now once Graham (bass/vocals) gets back from seeing Lightning Bolt in Barcelona – it’s alright for some isn’t it!? They’ve just supported Dananananaykroyd on the North East leg of their tour and are on the lookout for more gigs, so if you like your rock to be like an amazing mixture of Faraquet and Karate, give ’em a gig –

Here’s a little update from the Gullich trio themselves:


Last week we FINALLY got round to recording. We spent two days in Jamie’s kitchen, aided by Henry ‘The Rock Button’ Carden (thanks!) and played 8 of our songs live. So far so good. We are recording the vocals when Graham is back from looking at Lightning Bolt in Barcelona. Then Christmas cake and port. Then back to making rock history. Hopefully Nico Taylor (Just About Done/Move Girl Move) is designing the artwork; the opportunity for pop-giant name-drops continues…

Nico did the Meadowlands artwork and also recently became a fully fledged member of Dartz (would you dare!) so that’s quite a name drop 😉

Don’t forget that all Pay For The Piano releases are available worldwide from iTunes and that the Pay For The Piano Big Cartel store is open for business as always and it really is the place to do your Christmas shopping. Honest.



PS – those of you on get involved: Even if you’re not on, there’s free Pay For The Piano MP3 downloads and that kind of thing on the go so have a quick lookski…


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