Such Great Heights vs Gullich.

I’m very pleased to announce two new additions to the Pay For The Piano family, in the form of Middlesbrough based female-fronted five piece Such Great Heights and North East math-rock trio Gullich.

PFTPR002 will be unleashed on Monday 15th September 2008 as the debut single from Such Great Heights called “Would I still have friends if I believed I was a wizard?” To celebrate the release, the band have made one of their demo tracks (“It’s Not About You & Me Anymore, It’s About Survival”) available for free download from their myspace page:

PFTPR003 looks all set to be the debut EP from Gullich and if all goes to plan, it should be released in October 2008. They haven’t got anything recorded as of yet, but check out the live video on their myspace page to whet your appetite for what’s to come: 

Make sure you add both bands to myspace if you still use it and haven’t let facebook take over your life.


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